Creator C3M Review - Residential Tech Today

Creator C3M Review - Residential Tech Today

Monitor Audio's new Creator Series has received its first North American review from Residential Tech Today. For this review, Henry Clifford installs a pair of C3M in-ceiling speakers, a Tier 3 model and one of the best quality speakers in the Creator Series. In addition to the review, Livewire produced a great video where they unbox the speakers and quickly run through the simple installation process. You can watch the full video below.

"The sound was clean and pure with perfect voice isolation."

"The midrange and high frequency reproduction coming from the ceiling was sublime as I continued through more songs..."

"I started to zone out, transported in the way only amazing sound can move us. Here I was, not expecting anything monumental and ending up with my face melted off."

"The C3M speakers are a bargain for the amount of power and quality they deliver. I highly recommend you rip out all of your in-ceiling speakers and exchange them for these. You’re welcome."