Frequently Asked Questions

Please see a list of Frequently Asked Questions below regarding the Kevro website and online store.

If you have any questions that are not listed below, contact us here and we will be happy to assist!

Why can't I see your product's prices and the 'Add to Cart' button?

You will need to login on our website to see this information. In order to login, you first need to be an authorized Dealer with Kevro and be set up in our system. Once this is done, please contact Kevro Website Management, who can send you a Welcome Message with instructions on how to activate your account and login.


How do I become an authorized Dealer with Kevro?

If you are interested in becoming a Dealer, please contact us here and provide all of your information (name, company name, address, etc.) and what products you are interested in selling. Someone from Kevro will contact you with further details.


How do I update or change my contact info and address information?

If your contact information, shipping address, and/or billing address ever changes, please contact Kevro directly to ensure the changes are made in our system. Your information on our website will be automatically updated once this is done.


How do I process a return for my order?

For any questions related to your order, including how to process a return, please contact our customer service department and they will be able to assist.


Can I order products that are out of stock (i.e. place backorders)?

Yes! Any products listed on our website can be ordered, even if they are out of stock. If you order a product that is out of stock, we will process it on our end as a backorder and email you further details including product availability, shipping information, etc.

Please note - If you place a backorder using a Credit Card, we will hold the funds for a maximum of 5 days and charge you only when the product has been shipped. If it cannot be shipped within those 5 days, we will release the funds back to you and keep the backorder on file until it becomes available, at which point we will contact you again to let you know when it will be shipping and look to process payment at that time.


How do I order products that are "Available by Special Order only"?

There may be some products and speaker finishes listed in our price lists that are available by SPECIAL ORDER only. These products may be shown on our website as 'out of stock', but can still be purchased the same way as a backorder (see above for details). Please note that SPECIAL ORDER products typically have long wait times before we are able to acquire stock and ship them out. 


How do I order parts or get my product serviced?

Please contact (US Customers) or (Canadian Customers) for any warranty / service inquiries and to place orders for any needed parts. Please include in the email the model number and serial number of your product along with a short description of the product issue.


How does shipping work?

Standard Kevro shipping terms apply. When placing orders online, you will be charged standard UPS ground shipping rates. If you qualify for FREE shipping based on our Kevro Shipping Terms, an option will become available in the checkout phase that will allow you to select 'Free Shipping'.

If you would like additional services, such as Next-Day Air Shipping, Drop Shipments, etc., please note this request on the cart page in the 'Special Instructions' box and place your order as normal. Once we receive the order, we will contact you with additional details and pricing regarding any extra shipping charges.


What are Kevro's shipping terms?

Prepaid shipping terms are based on Dealer Program Levels (please contact your local sales rep for more info regarding Dealer Program Levels). Extra freight charges may apply for residential delivery, lift gate and other additional services.

For US Customers: Prepaid freight applies to orders shipped to the 48 contiguous states only.