Montreal Audiofest 2024: Show Report

Montreal Audiofest 2024: Show Report

Another successful year at Montreal Audiofest is in the books.

This year we were thrilled to showcase Monitor Audio's NEW flagship Hyphn speakers, which made their Quebec debut at the show. The Hyphns were joined by Rotel's NEW Michi P5 Series 2 Preamplifier (also making its Quebec debut) and the award winning Michi M8 Monoblocs. Music sources included the Rotel DT-6000 DAC Transport and Roon Nucleus.

In addition to our main demo, we also showcased the following:

  • NEW Rotel Michi X5 Series 2 Integrated Amp (Quebec debut!)
  • NEW Rotel RAS-5000 Streaming Amp (Quebec debut!)
  • Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G, Gold 300 and Platinum 300 3G
  • NEW Monitor Audio Creator Series
  • Roksan Attessa Series


On his YouTube channel Jay's iyagi, Jay posted his highlights and 'Best of the Show' product picks, and we are happy to report Monitor Audio's Hyphn system was included.

Jay said the Hyphn & Rotel Michi system "was just incredible, with sheer dynamics and scale that would have impressed anyone at the show."

He went on to say the Hyphn was "easily one of the most impressive pieces of engineering at the show." Watch his full video below and view the Monitor Audio / Michi coverage at 8:40.


In his show report video, Audiophile Junkie talked about his favourite demos from the event, including the Hyphn which he called "a killer speaker". He also noted that if he was spending six figures on a speaker, the Hyphn would "be on my short list." Watch his full video below and view the Monitor Audio / Michi coverage at 6:52.