Anthra W12 Video Review - 0102 Studio

Anthra W12 Video Review - 0102 Studio

Monitor Audio's new Anthra W12 subwoofer has received an excellent review by Taps Das from 0102 Studio. Taps runs the sub through various movies and music tracks, praising the Anthra's looks, sound quality and high power.

"In my usage, all the bass was not just heard, but felt. This sub pressurized my room really well and all the hard hitting scenes didn't just sound hard hitting but they felt hard hitting, and this sub made that movie sound huge."

"It also has 1000 watts of power on hand, which means it seemingly has limitless power and it can easily keep up with my unreasonable demands."

"This sub is pretty amazing, and if you value good looks as much as you do deep bass, then this is a sub you want to add to your list."