Toronto Audiofest 2023: Show Report

Toronto Audiofest 2023: Show Report

Another Toronto Audiofest has come and gone, and thanks to our partners at EQ Audio Video, it was another great year for Monitor Audio, Rotel and Kevro. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit us at the show to hear the NEW and exciting products we had on display in the large Sutton B room on the main floor.

The Toronto Audiofest marked the official Canadian debut of Monitor Audio's NEW statement loudspeaker, Hyphn. The Hyphn was joined by Rotel's NEW Michi P5 Series 2 Preamplifier (also making its Canadian debut at the show) and two Michi M8 Monoblocs.



The Hyphn / Michi system drew many attendees to our room all eager to hear these exceptional products. The Hyphn in particular quickly became one of the main highlights of the show!



George de Sa from TED Magazine visited our room with great anticipation and excitement for the new Hyphn loudspeakers. You can read his full show report here.

"Listening to the Hyphn loudspeakers play the track ‘Bungee Jump’ by Captain Hook & Astrix proved this loudspeaker's prowess with bass, as it delivered it with amazing density, tight, and vividly dynamic."

"...the music sounded out of the box, absent of any cabinet artifacts and exceptionally clear and open. I was just blown away by GOJIRA’s ‘Drum Solo’ track on this system, with the drums portrayed with exceptionally true timbre and tone and amazing dynamic impact – nothing short of a live performance here!"


Rick Becker from visited our room to hear the new Hyphn loudspeakers and Rotel Michi electronics. He was so impressed by the system that he presented us with a 'Best of Show' Award!

"The new Monitor Audio Hyphn flagship loudspeaker driven by Michi amplification was simply outstanding both in acoustic presentation and its contemporary design. The Hyphn will be all over the audiophile press in the coming year. And the Michi electronics earned newfound respect."


On his YouTube show report (watch here), Jason from Audiophile Junkie spoke about his visit to our room where he spent 20 minutes listening to the Hyphn.

" is so pure, distortionless, detailed, dynamic, but the real kicker with that speaker that I wasn't expecting, is I think the bass was phenomenal."

"One of the best bass performances I've ever heard from just two floorstanding speakers..."



Also on display at the show was Monitor Audio's critically acclaimed Platinum 200 3G speakers, which were joined by Rotel's NEW Michi X5 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier (also making its Canadian debut at this year's show). The Platinum 3G / Michi system also drew in some crowds and were very well received by attendees.

George de Sa from TED Magazine also sat and listened to this system and said,

" portrayed fabulous dynamics, while being balanced."


Additional static products on display in the room included various Rotel electronics and the Roksan Attessa Series.