Silver 500 7G Video Review - 0102 Studio

Silver 500 7G Video Review - 0102 Studio

Taps Das returns once again with another stellar review on Monitor Audio, recently posted to his YouTube channel 0102 Studio. This time he takes a closer look at the Silver 500 7G, the flagship model of the Silver Series, while also offering comparisons to the Silver 100 7G and Silver 300 7G, both of which he has reviewed in the past.

"...I found these speakers to be infinitely engaging and completely awesome. I could listen to these speakers for hours on end and just not get bored. They sound really great."

"With that song turned all the way up, and me planted dead center between the speakers, I was treated to this beautiful wall of sound, and it really just enveloped me."

"The Silver 500 also trounces the 300 with things like transient response. Things like kickdrums and staccato bass notes have way more impact than the 300 does."