Michi X3 S2 Integrated Amp Review - Hi-Fi+

Michi X3 S2 Integrated Amp Review - Hi-Fi+

We are pleased to report that Rotel's Michi X3 Series 2 Integrated Amplifier has received a great review by Jason Kennedy from Hi-Fi+! A few quotes from the review are below. Be sure to pick up the May issue of Hi-Fi+ magazine to read the full review. The link below will take you to the publication where you can purchase a physical or digital copy, or even get an annual subscription.

"...the Michi revealed its capabilities in the power department almost from the off. This amp has a wide dynamic range and plenty of grip..."

"...a powerful and capable amplifier with a decent digital section; this and the wide variety of inputs and range of features add to its appeal, while the style and execution of the X3 S2 make it an amplifier that's more than worthy of the Michi name."

"Those after a well-built and versatile integrated amplifier that will drive any contemporary speaker should not overlook its solid, dark form."