Anthra W15 Review - Home Cinema Choice

Anthra W15 Review - Home Cinema Choice

Winner of the 'Highly Recommended' Award from Home Cinema Choice, Monitor Audio's Anthra W15 Subwoofer has received an excellent review courtesy of Richard Stevenson, who praised the sub's compact size, tweaking flexibility and high quality sound in both music and movies.

"Monitor Audio's brief of musicality and depth for the Anthra range rings true with the mighty W15 – it's one of the best 'stereo music' subs I have auditioned around its price."

"This is a subwoofer with a big enveloping sound, rich in detail and offering excellent extension – all things that work well with home cinema..."

"All the ingredients are there: power aplenty, a virtually resonance-free cabinet and that sophisticated 15in C-CAM driver. Consider this a cracking all-rounder!"