Attessa Integrated Amp & CD Player Review - Stereonet

Attessa Integrated Amp & CD Player Review - Stereonet

Roksan's critically acclaimed Attessa Series has received another fantastic review, courtesy of James Michael Hughes from Stereonet. James sat down with the Attessa Integrated Amp and Attessa CD Player combo, praising both units and awarding them the Stereonet Applause Award!

"The Attessa combination sounds solid, focused, and clean. It's well-balanced and surprisingly full-bodied and natural, considering the price point."

"I was taken by how natural and smooth the voice sounded and how the keyboard was reproduced effortlessly. On Sonny Rollins' Way Out West, the great man's sax sounded rich and fruity, while Shelley Manne's drums were crisp and tactile. Ray Brown's bass was full-bodied and weighty."

"Roksan's new Attessa integrated and its matching CD transport perform remarkably well together. So much so that you can easily forget that they're the company's entry-level designs."

"Indeed, I became rather taken with these little boxes and could happily live with what I heard – even having gone from a vastly more expensive system. So they are well worth auditioning; moreover, I would say they're a 'must hear' if you're currently climbing the hi-fi ladder. You won't go far wrong."