Check Invoices & Statements

How To Check Invoices & Statements

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to view your invoices, statements and other information regarding your web orders. If you have any other questions, you can check out our FAQ Page or contact the Kevro Website Department for more info.


  1. After logging in, you can click the “Account” button and then click your name. This will open up a new screen that shows your personal details and a small menu to the left.

  2. Click “Customer Portal” to view your order history, invoices, delivery information, and more. You can also search for specific orders and invoices here by date, document number, SKU or PO number. 

    For Sales Reps - Using the Customer Portal, you can also find the same order information for Dealers in your territory. You would first need to select the name of the Dealer from the 'Rep Carts' page accessed from the top Menu. Once you have selected a Dealer, then that Dealer's order information will appear in the Customer Portal section.

  3. Click “Web Orders” to view your past orders along with details for each, which include the products ordered, shipping address, tracking number, and more.

  4. Click on “Grid Ordering” as a way to quickly search the name or SKU of a product and add it to your cart. You can also click the import button and upload an excel spreadsheet (please note - you will need two columns in the spreadsheet labeled with header names Sku and Quantity). Once you have added all the products you need, you can click the “Add to Order” button, and then proceed to your cart to complete your order. (Please Note: This function is not currently working, but will be in the near future).

  5. Click “Change your Password” to select a new password for your account.