Stereophile Honors Michi With Recommended Component Awards

Stereophile Honors Michi With Recommended Component Awards

Stereophile's latest October issue includes their up-to-date list of Recommended Components and we are proud to report that three Michi products have been included in the list yet again as CLASS A components!

The Michi P5 Preamp, S5 Stereo Power Amp and M8 Monoblocks were the recipients of the award.

Ken Micallef reviewed the Michi P5 and said,

"It performed with great clarity, good tone and dynamics and always left me satisfied and wanting to hear more."


The Michi S5 was reviewed by Jason Victor Serinus who said,

"Music lovers who end up welcoming it into their homes are destined to enjoy music for years without end. The S5 is an engineering and musical triumph."


Michael Fremer reviewed the Michi M8 and said it was,

"a pleasant surprise and one of the most enjoyable visits made by any piece of audio gear that's been here over the past 21 years."