Platinum 300 3G Review - The Absolute Sound

Platinum 300 3G Review - The Absolute Sound

Monitor Audio's Platinum 300 3G has received high praise from the audio press over the past year. Continuing this momentum, Andrew Quint from The Absolute Sound provided a lot of positive feedback of his own in his recent review of the flagship floorstanding speaker, which also won the prestigious 'Editor's Choice' Award for 2024!

"...the Monitor Audios delivered soul-satisfying punch from electric bass and kick drum, transient crispness from keyboards and guitars, and a full-bodied reediness from alto sax, evidently the preferred weapon of fusion horn players."

"...the performance was warmly affecting, in large part because every nuanced modulation of tone production was perfectly rendered by the Monitor Audio loudspeakers."

"It’s a thoughtfully designed and beautifully built product that’s imperturbable with dynamic and bass-endowed source material, and a faithful communicator of musical color and character. It’s truly a remarkable value—a lot of speaker per dollar."