Monitor Audio / Roksan Recommended Component Winners!

Monitor Audio / Roksan Recommended Component Winners!

Stereophile has renewed their list of Recommended Components which is featured in their latest April issue as well as online, and we are proud to report that both Monitor Audio and Roksan products have won the award!

Monitor Audio's Silver 500 7G and Gold 300 speakers were the recipients of the award yet again, with the Silver 500 7G also being listed as a CLASS A component. The Silver 500 7G also received Stereophile's 'Triple Dollar Signs' ($$$), which Stereophile presents to products they deem extremely high value!

Rob Schryer reviewed the Silver 500 7G speakers and said,

"...the Monitor Audio Silver 500 is one of the great audio deals of the pandemic era."

Tom Norton reviewed the Gold 300 speakers and said,

"The Gold 300s earn a serious recommendation and deserve an extended audition."

" today's high-end loudspeaker market you can spend a lot more and get much less."

A NEW addition to the list this year is Roksan's Attessa Streaming Amplifier, which was also listed as a CLASS A component. John Atkinson reviewed the Attessa Streaming Amp and said,

"...with its neutral sound character with both analog and digital input signals, its excellent sense of drive and low-frequency control, its high-performance moving magnet phono stage, its well-implemented integration with the BluOS streaming app, and its affordable price, the Roksan Attessa gets an easy recommendation from me."