Attessa Streaming Amp Review - The Ear

Attessa Streaming Amp Review - The Ear

Winner of The Ear's 'Best Buy Award', the Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier receives an outstanding review courtesy of Chris Kelly, who praised the amp's 'impeccable clarity' and offered his high recommendation of the unit.

"The sound was rich and full of detail, and several times when I was elsewhere in the house a familiar piece of music would start and I would hasten back to the lounge to sit down and listen..."

"All the usual things one looks for were present and correct. The soundstage had height, width and depth, the low frequencies were full and tuneful, with a wonderfully realistic midrange and finely etched high frequencies all combing to pull of that ‘musicians in the room’ trick which makes this sometimes exasperating hobby so addictive."

"...the sound was simply so good that I forgot to stop to eat or drink anything for hours on end."