Images & Assets


Image Gallery

Includes logos from each of our brands, as well as a collection of high-res product and lifestyle photos. Images can be downloaded for use on your website, newsletters, advertising campaigns, etc.


Video Gallery

Includes a collection of videos and video links from our brands which provide brand insight, installation instructions, and/or general information on our products.


Marketing Tools

Includes printable ads (various sizes) and social media / web ads to help support active sales / promotions. Also includes general product POS sheets, spec sheets and printable product ads to use for catalogues, flyers, or in-store displays.


Digital (Web) Ads

Includes both static and animated (GIF) images of various different sizes. These ads can be used on your social media, in emails / newsletters and on your website to help with product advertising and brand awareness.



A collection of downloadable brochures that include product images, information and specs. Also available are various info sheets, Monitor Audio INSIDER magazines, review booklets and product info guides.


Press Releases

For new and upcoming products, Kevro offers press releases that include a product introduction, preliminary information and a few images.